суббота, 30 ноября 2013 г.


Margarita Manukyan is my sister and this is the fact  which prevents me to speak freely.
 Now if  I extol  her you will say this is because she is my sister but I think that she needs my appreciation especially there has been her first exhibition todey which gives her an opportunity to make her works famous.  .  In Sharambeyan folk art center   her works fascinated evrebody during the first  exhibition of Margarita hand-made works  as if they were talking with them The originality of Margarita’s works results from her sense of color  and subtle taste. Margarita has a unique compositional thinking and she has managed to  update this traditional applied art in an interesting way of her presentation. She presents her works in consistent with appropriate color environment which gives her works unique taste and aroma.
From childhood Margarita has devoted hrself to hand-made art.Recently she does this with a new inspiration. Todey her first exhibition has been taken into life and without doubt she thinks about her second exhibition with new ideas and thoughts.It makes me think how to present my sister at the second time.
On october 19 our life was marked by Margarita's first exhibition which certainly will be a starting-point for her futher successes.

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